Art is Power Examines the Link Between Education, Economics, and Creativity

In researching various positive impacts of the Arts on everything from personal health to economic success, I came across this article that confirmed what the Arts community already knows: the lessons inherent in the Arts universally cultivate the building of strong individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions. In his groundbreaking book The Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida states, “Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource.” Artists know this well; conceiving of fresh innovative ideas and better ways to do things raises human productivity and thus living standards. The sphere of the artist is to follow his or her intuition into the realm of exploration, understanding, and the building of physical, verbal, or other representations that resonate with others. Developing these capacities improves any endeavor, and it is this type of learning that should be the foundation of any economic or educational model if we want to live in a more humane, sustainable, and progressive world. Click here to read the full article.

My research also brought me to this video which discusses the biology of creativity, how artists, once believed to be right brain dominant, are actually integrating both hemispheres during their artistic pursuits. Business leaders are now recognizing that creativity is business critical, and it is the Artists who possess the leadership competency to sustain economic growth into the future. The implications go far beyond economics. Whole brain thinkers make decisions that take into account many different points of view; a noun that describes this type of thinking is wisdom.