Let Us Hack the Roots Instead of the Branches

On August 27th, 2012, The San Jose Mercury News published San Jose’s Newest Criminal Street Gang Uses Arsenal of Spray Cans, which reported on District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s controversial resolution to indict nonviolent graffiti writers as criminal street gangs. This classification would make it possible to convict graffiti writers to sentences of up to 22 years in state prison, which would not only sidestep the problem, waste millions of tax dollars in the process.

Patrick Lydon of sociecity.org and The Final Straw Project along with Art is Power’s Executive Director, Patrice Milillo, responded with a co-written opinion editorial that refocused the discussion on the causes of the problem and real solutions. The full piece was published; however, the Mercury News provided a misleading title that set off two weeks of heated responses, which ended up opening up a much needed dialogue

A more fitting title for the article is, Let Us Hack at the Roots Instead of the Branches. Click here to read the full article.

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