Art is Power at FAME 2016

What do fashion, visual art, music, dance, and low riders have in common? They can all articulate the individual and collective voices of the members of a community and bring those people together to share in the creative expression of beauty.


On Saturday, July 31, 2016, Bobbi Vie Productions hosted FAME (Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment) which united the above-mentioned art forms at the beautiful Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, California. As the promoters of the event put it, FAME is “A street culture marketplace by the people and for ALL the people.”


With this inclusive philosophy in mind, Art is Power put on an interactive arts installation. We asked participants to help paint a mandala and to answer in paint the question, “What makes art powerful?” It was encouraging to see how people felt comfortable enough to dialogue with people they had never met and to share the impact of the arts on their lives. One of the memorable quotes of the night came from 9-year-old Kaili, who wrote, “Art is powerful because it brings people together.”


A simple observation of the installation confirmed Kaili’s incisive statement. Art is Power would like to thank Future Arts Now and FAME for the opportunity and all of the volunteers who offered their hard work and enthusiasm to help show San Jose that art is Power.

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