Words from Dr. Boogie

This week’s quote comes to us from Dr. Manseau Sauceda, a nationally sought after keynote speaker and performance artists who uses his original piano compositions, poetry, prose and drama to explore issues of cultural and religious identity. He is the Founding Director of the Multicultural Center at California State University, Long Beach, and a Professor in Communication Studies and is also known as “Dr. Boogie,” the host of The Roots ‘n’ Roll Radio Show.

“What we call the arts is spirit in expression. Spirit in expression is the most human dimension of our existence. That’s why, no matter its venue of expression, it’s always spirit that speaks. It may speak of its suffering. It may speak of its joys, but what makes it art is an authentic way of projecting true inner experience, and it goes out and it magnifies and it ignites that sensibility in others.”