Creativity and Innovation are Essential to Thriving Cities with Strong Economies

When examining the elements that make up prosperous cities, we generally consider the economy to be the most important, but what elements produce a successful economy? According to Economist, Richard Florida in his bestseller, “The Rise of the Creative Class” the answer is creativity and innovation. In an age when manual labor jobs are automated, not only are the highest paying jobs in the creative sectors, but virtually all forms of jobs require the ability to rethink, reimagine, and recreate current standards. The question then becomes; how do we cultivate these dispositions in the workforce? Florida marks the correlation between diverse, open, and tolerant cities that provide strong cultural amenities to the creative innovators who are the catalyst for economic growth. Creative and innovative people want to live in cities where new ideas are embraced, where people are rewarded for their uniqueness, and the arts are an essential part of this landscape.