Capoeira, The Art of Transformation

Mestre Boneco (Luiz Alberto “Beto” Simas) is a world recognized Capoeira Master hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While I was on my first Art is Power tour through Latin America, I had the honor of spending time with him at his school to experience the power of this multidimensional art form called Capoeira. This is what he had to say about the power of his art form:

“The sensibility that you have to have, the speed, the balance, everything, the mind control, the agility, everything, that you apply in Capoeira you have to decode so you can apply in your life. That’s the trick that I try to show my students. So I consider Capoeira the art of transformation. Definitely it is. It saves lives.”

This quote illustrates the powerful dispositions that are cultivated through different art forms. Mestre Boneco went on to say that he has seen how Capoeira can save people people who are addicted to drugs and involved in gangs. In addition to the dispositions mentioned by Mestre Boneco, Capoeira can cultivate self-awareness, social-awareness, empathy, and creativity. Capoeira is definitely power!!!