What is the Power of Humanity?

Our world is more complex than right or wrong, black or white, Republican or Democrat, but because of our fears and ignorance, we take sides and convince ourselves that we have options.

Whether you celebrate the victory of Trump or lament the loss of Hillary, the truth is representation of the people by politicians or business elites is limited at best. We may share certain values, but the worlds they inhabit are very different from ours.

If we look at the history of social change in our country, it has always come from people imagining new realities, unifying, organizing, and forcing legislation. Societal change has never come from the top down.

This is why art is so important. The arts break barriers and allow dialogue which sheds light on our shared humanity. The arts cultivate creativity and allow us to reimagine and recreate our realities on our terms. Voting is important, but we have to remember that the power of the people is more powerful than the people in power.