Welcome 2016

2015 was an incredible year, and we are grateful for all who have supported us in raising awareness about the power of the arts to restore humanity. Since January 2015, we have interviewed over 50 amazing individuals in over 20 cities around the world who employ the arts to cultivate dispositions at the heart of healthy individuals, communities, and societies.

In addition to the interviews, AIP partnered with Alearn, Sylvandale Middle School, ExD (Exhibition District), and Creatrix Institute, to develop Reading my world, An Integration of Art and Math, a program that teaches math concepts to middle school students using visual art as the basis.

Our lineup for 2016 includes many more interviews and collaborations, the release of our film trailer, an interactive Art is Power exhibition, and a residency at Villa Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California, where we will provide professional development to teachers interested in integrating arts and culture into their lessons.

We have picked some key moments and triumphs to share with you through a short slide show featuring music from Jungle Fire Band.

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