Breathing Life into Cities through Art

As I traveled through Europe, I was repeatedly stunned by beautiful ancient architecture, monuments, and various forms of public art. The beauty inspired me to explore more of the city to understand the cultural context of that art and sparked my curiosity about the artists and their messages.

A particularly good example of a small town that most people would never visit if it didn’t have amazing art on the walls is Heerlen in the Netherlands. My good friend, Kiki Bosch, took me on a city tour, which made me want to spread the word about how great the city must be that has it’s walls adorned with all of this beauty.

I messaged the founder of Heerlen Murals, Raenys Martis, to commend him on his great work and ask him about his motivations for the project. He explained,

I started Heerlen Murals to put the city on the map, display the positive, and study how art can influence and inspire people. I have been doing this for 5 years with the help of, not only the city, but also the province, property owners, foundations, and companies who support the project.

I left Heerlen thoroughly inspired, and I look forward to returning to learn more about the people who are turning a normal city into something special through art. You can learn more about beautiful murals that adorn the walls of Heerlen at