Why do I believe the arts can empower us to recreate ourselves and the world we inhabit?

Why do I believe the arts can restore humanity and empower us to recreate ourselves and the world we inhabit? Ever since I could bounce my clumsy toddler body to the beat of a song or assert my existence with my name scribbled on a wall in blue crayon, the arts have been my power. I’ve also experienced it in the lives of my students, my friends, and the lives of thousands of people all around the world who perform the same human activities in their own unique ways.


The father of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky, believes that the main function of language is not communication, but a framework for thought, that each language is a unique way of decoding the world. The words we use, and the order in which we use them , are a framework for processing and making sense of the world. I believe that the arts are similar in that they provide a skeleton that holds up our perceptions.

The arts are a universal language that all can understand. They represent an endless range of perspectives that can be understood by all, regardless of world view, language, culture, gender, or anything else. Below are images from my Art is Power tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Artist, Alfredo Segatori, is in the process of painting the world’s largest mural executed by a single person. The images are of the people who live in the community and celebrate the idea of humanity, community, and life.