What is the Highest Level of Humanity?

This week’s Art is Power quote of the week comes from my good friend Y? who is a talented musician, artivist, and teaching artist with B.E.A.T Global (Bridging Education and Art together). Y? flew out to California last week to work with schools on arts initiatives, and we were able to reconnected after not seeing each other since I showed up at his house in Jamaica Queens in 2015 to interview him and his band, Why Not Show Love. Here’s a quote from that interview,

“If Aliens came down and said,‘Show us the highest level of humanity,’ there gonna take you straight to artists. You’re gonna go to people who are creative. You’re not gonna go to this person who’s a book turner. When language is broken, why is music the universal language? Why is art? Why are there museums? It’s because it is impossible to deny the value that people feel about themselves. And when you see art, it goes deep inside your spirit to where words can’t explain.”