Calling all Political Artists

This past weekend, I drove up to Sacramento and enjoyed a good bagel, a hot cup of coffee, and some stimulating conversation with with the legend himself, Jim Prigoff. Jim is an internationally respected photographer, author and lecturer on the subject of urban murals and aerosol art and has been documenting public art for over forty years. He is one of the first people to critically examine and document the graffiti movement and give it the dignity it holds today as a legitimate art form.

We discussed everything from the role of the artist to global politics and everything in between. When addressing the current political climate in the US, this is what Jim had to say about the role that many artists are taking on:

This is a time, right now, from my point of view, when there is an enormous need for the artist to step forward and project images that say a thousand words. You don’t have to read huge columns of information about Trump did this and Trump did that. In one second an image can project all of that, and I think that the political artists are beginning to step up to do that.

I want to thank Jim for his hospitality and for taking the time to share his insights and perspectives with me.