Noam Chomsky Believes The Arts Are Part Of Our Nature

My first experience with Noam Chomsky was in a linguistics class where we discussed Universal Grammar and the arduous work Professor Chomsky carried out discovering the biological component of human language. Chomsky verified that, regardless of where a child is born, all humans share certain unvarying characteristics and potentials. The implications to this are astonishing. After this initial introduction to Chomsky, I persistently heard his name mentioned in discussions ranging from biology to U.S. Foreign policy. As a multidisciplinarian, Professor Chomsky spends countless hours meticulously studying every aspect of whatever topic he discusses, and he is wonderful at offering detailed verifications for his points.

It wasn’t long before I began regularly reading his work and starting a long email correspondence which led to having the honor of sitting with Professor in his office discussing the universal power of art. This is some of what Professor Chomsky had to say about the power of the arts:

It’s such a powerful instrument, it can also be used to destroy and crush. I think it’s such a powerful instrument because it is part of our nature. I mean you can say the same about language. Language can empower, it can dominate and control.