The Democracy of Jazz

While on my Art is Power European Tour, I had the good fortune of sitting down with Riccardo del Fra who is a world recognized bassist, composer, and head of the jazz department at one of the world’s most prestigious musical institutions, The Paris Conservatory. Riccardo and I initially met in Panama while I was filming The Panama Jazz Festival. After a conversation about Art is Power’s mission to bring awareness to the liberating power of the arts, he extended the invitation to visit him at the conservatory. Riccardo is passionate about using music as a tool to make interdisciplinary and intercultural connections that can push humanity forward, and it was a pleasure speaking with him and hearing him play. This is what Riccardo has to say about the power of Jazz,

Jazz is a very democratic music. I mean you need a leader, you need a someone in front that plays or someone that gives the part, does the arrangement, but at the same time, you give responsibility to the others, because you don’t give only written music. You give some indication where the personalities can express themselves.