The Aesthetics of Being Human

As I consult teachers on how to use the arts in their classrooms, it saddens me to see the dehumanizing effects of standardization and the value places on unquestioned obedience. Some teachers understand that I am trying to provide methods of humanizing education, but others seek methods to silence and sterilize their classrooms in order to prepare their students to pass a test. An education premised on this type of control produces anesthetized robots, but the arts awaken the senses. Creating art and enjoying the work of others provide an aesthetic experience where we can embrace our uniqueness while celebrating our common human traits. This is the foundation of healthy interdependent communities with members who work together to make more human environments, and this is why are is power.

This image above is of a gift made for Patrice Milillo by Ms. Guevevara’s second grade class. She is a teacher who works tirelessly to ensure that her students have an identity, a voice, and learn more than how to prepare for a standardized test. Art is power would like to thank Ms. Guevara and others who share this educational philosophy.