The Art of Being Human

As I reflect on the places I’ve traveled, the people I’ve met, and all of the interviews I’ve done for Art is Power, articulating why I’ve devoted my life to the arts becomes much easier. Traveling to new places to meet people with completely different world views and reasons for creating art has made me more in tune with the world. It has made me more self aware, socially aware, empathetic, and much more creative. These are the dispositions that differentiate humans from animals and machines, and these are the dispositions that add purpose and meaning to our lives. That being said, the mission of art is power is to give voice to those who practice the art of being alive, the art of being human.

The picture is of Argentine Street Artist, Alfredo Segatori & Patrice Milillo standing in front of Alfredo’s immense mural that celebrates the lives of the people living in the community.