Tithe to the Community instead of to the Church

As I interview local artists and community activists in Kauai and Oahu, I learn about the way of life that is The Aloha Spirit. The word “Aloha” is encoded with much more meaning that simply hello. It is an attitude and a code of ethics grounded in humanity. The Hawaiian language has different levels of meaning, and the words reflect that. One of the literal meanings of “aloha” is “Alo” and “HA.” Of the meanings of “Alo” are the idea of sharing and of being in the present moment. The word has is commonly referred to as the breath of life. That being said, one of the literal meanings of “Aloha” is to share the breath of life with another person or to breathe in their essence. In this video, we see how John Prime lives the Aloha Spirit and uses visual art as the basis.