Without Curiosity there is no Creativity and no Art

This week’s quote comes from the amazingly beautiful city of Ostuni in the Southern Italian Region of Apulia. This is the region of my father’s birth and a place where the majority of my family live. My cousin Franco decided to take me to Ostuni on a day trip to take in the beauty if this ancient white washed city.

We had no idea that we would meet a Tonino Zurlo, a truly dynamic artist who embodies the idea of retaining childlike curiosity in his art as well as in his life in general.

Written on a ceramic tablet outside of his store is written,

“La curiosità mantiene vivo il bambino dentro di Noi”

In English this means,

“Curiosity keeps the child within us alive”

As I thought about this quote, I realized how important curiosity is, not just in art, but in life in general. Without it, it is impossible to leave one’s physical, emotional, and mental comfort zones in order to grow and develop. Without curiosity, it is extremely difficult to gain excitement out of all the amazing people and places in the world, and without curiosity there can be no creativity. It is curiosity that drives us to ask questions, to experiment, explore and to innovate. The foundation of Art is Power is curiosity, and what grows out of that is creativity and ultimately art. It is true that art is power, but without curiosity, there would be no art.