To be an Artist Means to be Free

My first official Art is Power tour was in January of 2015. My first stop was in Panama, and I had no real plan of action. I showed up and literally walked around to see what I could find, and this allowed me to be fully immersed in the process. From there, I was able to organically connect with some of the most authentic people. Of the people I met, was Raquel Arrue, Founder, Owner and Teacher at Rasheda Arabian Dance Studio. Raquel went from working a lucritive job with the Panamanian government, to giving it all up to follow her passion of dance. Though it was hard at the beggining, her studio has been doing very well for many years, and she spreads her love of dance to many people in Panama. Her quote was a simple one, and taken into context with her story, it makes sense:

“To be an artist means freedom”

I can relate because I also took the plunge, quit my job and put all of my energy into my art, and like Raquel, I too feel free.