An Attempt to Regain Humanity

There is no universally accepted definition of art; however, many throughout history have tried to create one. What we do have is various outlooks emphasized by different people with diverse perspectives. The angle that I am focused on today is that art is as an attempt to regain humanity.

We are finite beings who have to contend with pain, suffering, sickness, and malevolence. We struggle to live meaningfully, but many fall to addictions, anger, and other vices to escape. There is no easy roadmap for life, but there are ways to find strength and direction, and the arts are one powerful way to do this.

The arts, in their many forms, are an introspective act that can help us to escape, solve our problems, or both. The arts remind us of the ideals of life, the harmony, beauty, and passion that make life worth living. From Picasso’s Guernica to a child drawing out her emotions on a napkin, the arts can transform something ugly into beauty.

As a teenager, I painted my emotions on walls with a spray can, which helped me to relax. I wrote poems to share with others to see if I was alone in my thoughts about the world. I turned my body into a conduit for my creativity when I became a dancer, and I poured myself into a car restoration project to prove my competence and ingenuity while creating beauty. Throughout my travels I constantly encounter individuals who have similar stories. I have met many who give up lucrative careers or addictions for an art form because the creative act helps them to feel human. This is just one of the many reasosons why art is my power and the power of millions around the globe.