Connecting Disparate Dots in Buenos Aires

On my first Art is Power tour, I visited the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina where I connected with Graffitimundo, which is an organisation dedicated to, as they put it, “Increasing awareness of the rich heritage and dynamic culture of Argentine urban art.” Graffitimundo was gracious enough to provide me with two separate tours of the city and went out of their way to connect me with individuals in Buenos Aires who are committed to making the city a beautiful open-air art gallery. Of these connections was the Street Art Collective and Gallery, Hollywood in Cambodia.

Of the artists I met was Martin “Gordo” Pelota, who was showing at the gallery. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview him before the crowd arrived. Here’s what he had to say about creativity:

When I think about drawing, telling a story, solving a creative problem, or whatever, at some point it lets your mind be free to connect dots that maybe, if you were more straight forward thinking, would be more difficult to connect those dots. I mean, you look at a tree or you go out looking at the street, you realize that it somehow connects to an idea that you had before. I mean that’s creativity. You have something in your mind and you have something else in your mind and one day those dots connect. That’s creativity. You can have that for painting, for drawing or for building your own business.

‘Mal augurio’ Part of ‘ColorBA 3’ Festival, Bs. As. Curated by Collage Lab.

I want to thank Martin for taking the time to speak with me, Graffitimundo and everyone at Hollywood in Cambodia for the support and hospitality. If you are interested in Martin’s work visit him at
If you want to know what is going on in the world of Buenos Aires street art, visit

Narco Derby. Illustration about Narco funded footbal in 80´s Colombia. For Mundial Mag