The Delusion of Parties and the Truth in Art: How the Arts Cultivate True Sociability

What does it mean to be social, and do so-called social gatherings such as parties embody of the concept of sociability? This video addresses these questions and argues that, contrary to common belief, parties are actually antithetical to cultivating the dispositions at the heart of sociability. These include openness, collaboration, vulnerability, and to a high degree, uncensored authenticity.

Like most people, I enjoy getting together with a bunch of people over drinks and music to have a good time; however, I also enjoy truthful interpretations. parties are places where people put on happy faces and perform accepted and often times contrived roles. They are not places to make deep connections. The arts, on the other hand, come from an authentic place of introspection and force us to emotionally undress and present the naked, unadulterated truth. When people create together, the art becomes a stripped down language that can not be spoken by an imposter.