The Human Instrument: Beatboxing your Authentic Voice

Hailing from New York City, is Beatboxer, Beatrhymer, Musician, Actress, Teaching Artist, and the 2015 Female Beatbox World Champion, Kaila Mullady. When I sat down with Kaila, she was Head Instructors of the Beat Rockers Program at B.E.A.T. Global, which is a program that uses the arts as an educational tool in New York City schools. Kaila employs beatboxing and music as speech therapy to help blind and mentally handicapped children to take control of their voices, literally and figuratively. When I asked her the value of beatboxing as an art form, she answered,

“The value of beatboxing, whether it’s speech development or not, is you’re getting connected to your voice, and for me, I always say that beatboxing is a complete connection to body, mind, and soul. I feel it, think it, I do it in a second. And it is so unique to your own voice.”

As a teacher, I appreciate the idea of honoring the voices of students and empowering them to develop their passions. Kaila is a wonderful example of how teaching the arts can enhance humanity and help us all connect with each other through our unique and authentic voices.