The Complete Universal Language of Art

While I traveled through Brazil, I connected with an array of artists who practice different mediums. Everyone I met was passionate about their work and wanted me to understand what they do, how they do it, and why. There seemed to be a problem, however, many of the artists I met only spoke Portuguese. On the surface, this seems like a severe limitation; however, in hind sight, it is clear to me that through the process of creating art together, we communicated with each other in profound ways.

While language is a powerful medium of communication, it is not complete. There are emotions and concepts that do not have words and can only be understood through mutual experience. This is how I see art. By working with another artist, you can learn about their personality, character, work ethic, world view and much more. This was the case while I spent the week with two very prolific artists in Sao Paulo, Shine and Danilo Roots. They took me around the city to see art by other artists, introduced me to great people, and they included me in a two-day mural project. I learned a lot about Roots and Shine, and used art as the language.

When I think about what fuels me in life it is three main things, creating, connecting, and traveling, and this is the core of what Art is Power is. I have created a career for myself that allows me to connect with the world I live in, the people in it, and the things I love. Through Art is Power, I am connected to myself and the world I live in. This is why Art is powerful to me.

I want to thank Roots and Shine for the wonderful experience and the warm hospitality. Spending time with you guys was a highlight to my Latin American Tour. You can see more of their beautiful work at: