Penetrating the Superficial Through Art

From Los Angeles Graffiti Legend to Fine Artist, Social Activist, and scholar, Mear One is an Artist who uses his work to critically understand and transcend the world we all inhabit. Not only does he devote his life to understanding the deeper meanings of so-called reality, but he creates works of art that pull us into alternative realms that we can inhabit to make the world a better place. Here is a quote from a recent interview we did at his studio in Los Angeles, California.

High in my mind doesn’t mean physically high. It means spiritually high. And so, art that can penetrate the superficial reality that we see and communicate something deeper and more relevant to make us more human, I think that is what I’m describing as high art.

I want to thank Mear for taking the time out of his busy schedule to have a great conversation with me about the powers of art. He is a true living legend. For more on the work of Mear One,