Slow it Down: Another power of the Arts

Sacrificing sleep, family time, and vacations for work is a dynamic act. A person who quickly answers emails, text messages, and comments on social media is successful. Making enough to afford restaurant food every day and cut out unnecessary work is a sign that a person has learned to navigate the world and thrive. There are endless examples of such unhealthy beliefs that our current world has explicitly or tacitly subscribed to. Is there a way out? Can we find an uninhabited place in this world to thrive as a person who savors sleep and basks in time spent with loved ones, and regularly exposes his or herself to new and interesting ideas and people? The answer is yes, and the arts are one of the most powerful ways. Not only does enjoying the art of others allow us to step outside of our normal way of seeing the world, but the act of creating something beautiful or enjoying the beauty that someone else has created slows us down and puts us in the moment. It is no surprise that adult coloring books and meditation groups have become popular around the world. Creating and enjoying poems, paintings, music, dance, and the countless other forms of art is a powerful form of meditation that slows us down enough to see the possibilities.