Smitten by a Car: A VW Love Affair

Restoring my Volkswagen Beetle was similar to the first time I became smitten with a girl. A beautifully restored 1958 beetle with bright red paint and beige interior with matching canvass sunroof rolled by me as sat at the park enjoying a warm April afternoon. I was immediately stricken by this mechanical piece of art. The light from the sun caressed the curves like a warm arms sliding across the fender. I imagined what it would be like to be the only person to intimately know each and every detail. I wanted to learn everything about her, and become the best version of myself so that I could be worthy. Like with a girl, my relationship to the car became a marriage that I invested everything into. After 4 years, my vision became reality.

Anyone who has spent countless hours and dollars to bring an old rusty and beaut up car back to to the way it looked when it rolled off the showroom floor understands this analogy. This draw represents our human need to create beauty. This is the purest form of art and another reason why art is power.