Subverting the Negativity

In a world filled with suffering and malevolence, it can sometimes seem impossible to stay positive and have the bravery and discipline to seek deeper meaning; however, there are tools that help us to go beyond the negative and embrace the positive aspects of life. The arts happen to be one of those tools. While being a implement for introspection, getting lost in the creative process removes from our stresses while allowing us to experience the delights associated with growth and mastery.

I experienced this first hand as a kid when escaped my issues by recreating my favorite skateboard graphics on my school notebooks. Of the artists I admired most was Jim Phillips, the godfather of skateboard graphics. Jim is most famous for designing the infamous screaming hand, the ubiquitous Santa Cruz Skateboards red dot logo, and most of the memorable graphics that were coming out in the 80s.

From left to right, PAtrice Milillo, Jim Phillips, and a friend of Jim’s whose name I unfortunately don’t know