Unique and Authentic Voice

Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of delivering a lecture to a Communications course titled, Performing Culture at California State University Long Beach (CSULB). I was invited by Author, Professor, and All-around awesome human being, Dr. James Sauceda who is Founder and Director of the CSULB Multicultural Center. I addressed art, identity, and what I’ve learned from artists, intellectuals, and other creatives around the world. As I spoke, I realized that, though I’m examining the universal power of the arts, my project is rooted in my unique individual passions, my world view, and my experience. It is a passion project that honors my curiosity, desires, and my authentic voice.

Like any field, the art world is filled with dilettante, phonies, and frauds who try to play the part; however, it is only the work of those whose practice is rooted in their and authentic voice who can be considered artist. After almost 200 interviews in 14 countries, I’ve realized that art comes from a place of deep introspection. It is a form of honesty, and that is a powerful thing and one of the many reasons why art is power.