The Universal Human Rhythm

During my time in Italy, I visited Melegnano, which is a town about 45 minutes outside of Milano, to spend time with family. I didn’t know it, but my cousin Tonio, who is an amazing pizza artist and co-owner of Tocky-D Pizzeria, had plans of introducing me to his good friends Riccardo and Giulia. Both are dedicated artists who have devoted their lives to studying African dance and percussion. Thy both have a long history of traveling to different parts of Africa to learn about the power of dance and percussion, and have spent the past 8 years teaching in Melegnano. The following quote comes from Giulia Baudi in response to the question, ‘what is powerful about percussion?’

It’s a primitive call on the human being. When you play, the first people who want to stop and see and listen are children. From that, you can understand that it is something instinctual and primitive that catches you without you consciously knowing why