Happy Thanksgiving from Art is Power

Though the original Thanksgiving included only a few groups out of many who viciously fought each other, the concepts of unity, peace, and tolerance are far-reaching and universally appealing. Though we are fortunate to have this time set aside every year to spend with our family and friends, what would it look like if Thanksgiving were about spreading our inner circle? What if we made every day about inclusion, unity, and solidarity?

The featured image for this blog is called “The First Thanksgiving” (1915), by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris, generates anger for good reason. It an inaccurate and idealized depiction of a time of brutal oppression, torture, and racism from the colonizers. A more accurate depiction is “How the West was Lost” by Mear One.

"How the West was Lost" by Mear One
“How the West was Lost” by Mear One

Both painted images are powerful and lead to certain beliefs about the reality of the situation. This is why art is so powerful. It starts dialogue, generates questions, and helps us to seek truth. Art is Power wishes you all a very happy Thanksgiving and hopes you can all seek truth, peace, and inclusion.