The Authentic Voice of Children’s Art

In the early months of AIP I struggled to explain my mission, I knew exactly what I was doing, but putting it into words was a challenging. But now, after visiting 13 countries, working with some amazing creative humans, and interviewing over 125 of them, it is crystal clear: Art is Power examines how the arts universally empower and liberate humanity.


Along the way, I’ve realized that the term “Art” is just a label for various forms of creativity, and it is creativity that is at the root of our power as humans. Without creativity, we are like animals that simply adapt to their world, but have no conscious power in shaping it.


Through creativity, we reimagine and recreate our world to suit our visions of reality. Athletes, Scientists, Social Activists, and Politicians do the same; however, there is something that is more universal about music, dance, visual art, and the many other activities that normally fall under the title of “art.”


I repeatedly experience this universality when working with children and young adults. The other day, as I was working with a group of 7th graders, I asked them to draw me some pictures for Art is Power, and was extremely pleased by the enthusiasm that they took in carrying out the task. The work was thoughtful, honest, and sincere, characteristics that make up the best artwork from Picasso to Banksi.


I would like to thank all of the students for contributing to Art is Power.