Good Reading in Preparation for Art is Power Tour III

In a few weeks, I will embark on the concluding Art is Power tour to Hawaii, Korea, Italy, and Germany. Losing the most influential person in my life, moving to a new town, and getting used to a new reality kept me away from my daily posts, but after a lot of reflection, introspection, and time with family, I am ready to move forward carrying the lessons of life close to my heart.

As I prepare for the tour, I am doing a lot of reading to help me generate good questions for my upcoming interviews. Jim Prigoff, who has spend over 40 years documenting the graffiti art movement, sent me this article. It does a great job illustrating the power of art to give purpose, provide an outlet for expression and a tool to find and create meaning in a crazy world.

ORFN: A Life Under Shadows