How Can the Arts Liberate Us?

Though the benefits of engaging with the arts are numerous, Art is Power mainly focuses on ways the arts can serve as an instrument for navigating, negotiating, and transforming our world. Zorilla and Tisdell (2016) explain that,

Unquestioned images, symbols, and media are part of the ideology of hegemony, while learning to question what is presented is part of the development of critical consciousness; displaying alternative images can also be an attempt to educate for critical consciousness (p.277).

The arts provoke inquiry and critical examination, which leads us to rethink, and recreate our visions of the world. It is only through this critical consciousness that we can understand and accurately address authentic reality, and Art is Power is committed to showcasing examples this work in practice.

Painting by Mear One is titled, “False Profits” 2016

Zorilla, A., & Tisdell, E.J. (2016) Art as Critical Public Pedagogy: A Qualitative Study of Luis Camnitzer and His Conceptual Art (pp.277) Middletown, PA.